Dear Barack

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Release date: October 19, 2021

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Dear Barack

The Extraordinary Partnership of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel

Claudia Clark

One of the great political friendships of the modern world, as told through key moments that shaped the twenty-first century

Today, we know US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as two of the world’s most influential leaders, together at the center of some of the biggest controversies and most impressive advancements of our time. But while their friendship has been the subject of both scrutiny and admiration, few know the full story.

Taking office at the height of the 2008 global recession, Obama was keenly aware of the fractured relationship between the US and Europe. And for her part, Merkel was suspicious of the charismatic newcomer who had captivated her country.

Faced with the challenges of globalization, the two often clashed over policy, but—as the first Black president and first female chancellor—they shared a belief that democracy could uplift the world. United by this conviction, they would forge a complicated but inspiring partnership.

Dear Barack is a thoroughly researched document of the parallel trajectories that led to Obama and Merkel meeting on the world stage and the trials, both personal and political, that they confronted in office. At times in the leaders’ own words, the book details such events as Merkel’s historic acceptance of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the 2013 NSA spying scandal, demonstrating the highs and lows of this extraordinary alliance.

A story of camaraderie at a global scale, Dear Barack shows that it is possible for political adversaries to establish bonds of respect—and even friendship—in the service of the free world.

Claudia Clark

About The Author

Claudia Clark is an author, speaker, and activist focused on social justice and democracy. She has served as a field organizer and campaign manager for various progressive groups, including the South San Francisco Unified Schools Campaign, ACORN, the South Bay Labor Organization, and the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families. In 2017, Clark and her husband moved from San Jose, California, to Germany, where she served as the national Get Out the Vote (GOTV) coordinator for the Democrats Abroad Germany chapter in preparation for the 2020 presidential election. Clark studied history and public policy at Michigan State University and has several advanced degrees with a focus on progressive topics, including an MA in US history with an emphasis on women’s history from San Jose State University. She currently lives in Berlin, where she is conducting research for her next book about the rise of the alt-right in Europe.

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