For ALL The People

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206 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63331-051-3
Release date: Feb. 23, 2021

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For ALL The People

Redeeming the Broken Promises of Modern Media and Reclaiming Our Civic Life

Michael Slaby

A leader in digital communication and grassroots political campaigns explains how the internet and modern media have undermined America and how we can reclaim our voices for the good of civic life.

The creators of the internet promised us jetpacks: better experiences, more choices, and deeper relationships.

Built on a diversity of voices, our online freedom was supposed to spark a democratic transformation. For the first time, we had direct access to our leaders, our institutions, and each other in one shared network.

But instead of jetpacks, we were given cat videos—and lots and lots of ads. Our platforms don’t work for us—we’re the inventory and our outrage fuels a tech revolution optimized for profit, not civic life.

As one of the top digital strategists for Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns, Michael Slaby saw the beginning of a new kind of national division. What he witnessed would spawn the Tea Party movement, upset the 2016 election, and accelerate the polarization of American civic life.

In FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, Slaby walks readers through the creation of modern storytelling, from the traditional media gatekeepers of the past to today’s era of disconnection and disinformation. He then presents the four core areas which can be reclaimed to work better for all of us: platforms, government institutions, corporations, and even the users ourselves.

We have the power to break free from the economics of attention and create a healthy civic life for all Americans. The first steps are ones we take together.

"In For All the People, Michael Slaby shows us how to think anew about media and the tsunami of information coming at us in our age of technology. This is a book for all of us, offering insights and actions to help make sense of our new world and connect more powerfully with one another."

Beth Comstock, author of IMAGINE IT FORWARD & former Vice Chair, GE

"For All The People combines the big thinking that is too often lacking from today's political dialogue and action steps that will actually make a difference. To say it is a must-read is an understatement."

Brian Reich, author of THE IMAGINATION GAP and VP of Communications, Murmuration

"Slaby is the Yuval Noah Harari of media. He pointedly outlines the fracture of our culture and democracy while providing hopeful next steps for how we can redesign our systems for a more civically-minded world."

Megan Kiefer, author of THE THIRD DIMENSION OF LITERACY and founder, Take Two Film Academy

"For All the People is utterly necessary and timely. Slaby illuminates the how and why driving the existential dysfunction of our media ecosystem, and offers an incisive, thorough prescription toward something better. Essential reading for every storyteller, politician, technologist, and citizen."

Lyel Resner, professor, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Michael Slaby

About The Author

Michael Slaby helped lead Obama for America as chief integration and innovation officer in 2012 where he oversaw all of technology and analytics, and as deputy digital director and chief technology officer in 2008. As a world leader in digital strategy and technology, Slaby has devoted his career to repairing our broken information systems. He currently serves as community director at the media research nonprofit Harmony Labs. Slaby is a graduate of Brown University. He lives in Rhinebeck, New York, with his wife, author Lydia Slaby.

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