Back to Balance

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248 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63331-014-8
Published Sept 2017

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Back to Balance

The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine

Halee Fischer-Wright

USA TODAY and Los Angeles Times Bestseller

When asked about the part of health care that matters most, patients, physicians, and practice administrators have one thing in common: the part of medicine that’s most important to them is the human side of medicine.

But today, the human side of medicine is dying. It is being rendered increasingly irrelevant by the other two sides that make up the modern practice of medicine: business and science. As doctors and practices feel ever-increasing pressure to lower costs and deliver better results, business and science—while equally important to delivering outstanding care—have overstepped their bounds.

The solution, says Dr. Fischer-Wright, is to bring the art, science, and business of medicine into balance—with each side playing its part and no more to drive healthy outcomes. To fix things, we must rotate the system back to a place that enables again what the best doctors and practices have always brought to their patients: compassion.

''Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright has both the diagnosis and prescription for what ails American health care.''

Daniel H. Pink, Author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

''A highly personal account, conveyed through storytelling that is both effective and accessible. Back to Balance is an insightful and delightful read describing the critical need for enhancing the art of medicine in providing health care to the nation.''

James L. Madara, MD, CEO, American Medical Association

''In this timely, astute, and pivotal discussion, the author ... makes great use of pop culture, tying together Marcus Welby, M.D. and Star Trek references to Converse high top sneakers and the novels of Michael Crichton. She also employs a keen sense of humor throughout, which keeps the narrative grounded yet accessible and flexible, and concludes with a smart, multi-pronged strategy.''

Kirkus Reviews

Halee Fischer-Wright has made common sense transformational! Through a series a personal stories, popular culture examples, and rock solid logic, Dr. Fischer-Wright reminds us that we do hold the power to transform health care delivery, if we would reestablish in medicine some basic, commonsense principles and a healthy relationship between art, science, and business. Her approach is workable at every level—from policy to practice. This book is not another esoteric treatise but a straightforward route to providing greater value to the patients we serve.''

H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, President and CEO, HIMSS

''Halee Fischer-Wright beautifully weaves together compelling stories, powerful evidence, and provocative insights in a book that's a joy to read. As a communication advisor I've watched health care leaders struggle to articulate what's wrong with medicine today and how to solve those challenges. Back to Balance clearly explains how art, science, and business all play a role in reimagining a health care system that reflects that highest expression of our talents.''

Halee Fischer-Wright

About The Author

Halee Fischer-Wright is a nationally recognized health-care executive, business consultant, and physician leader whose work focuses on innovation and creating cultures of excellence. Dr. Fischer-Wright is president and CEO of Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and is the co-author of Tribal Leadership, a New York Times bestseller. She is the recipient of multiple national awards for leadership in innovation, health care, business, and women’s leadership.

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