Do you have a book idea, or even a completed manuscript, that is ready to inspire readers? Is there a conversation you know your idea could transform?

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Type of Project

To submit, first determine which of our two program tracks best fits your book project.

Trade Publishing

Our trade program provides market access for authors who wish to offer their books at physical and online outlets including bookstores, airports, universities, libraries, and international retailers. We accept nonfiction in a variety of genres for the adult market. Each submission is reviewed for the strength of the author’s ideas, the quality of the writing, market potential, and the author’s goals for publishing.

Custom Publishing

If your goal is to provide your book to an internal audience, such as an organization, philanthropy, or your friends and family, then our custom publishing program best fits your project. Authors who wish to donate their book or provide it as a free resource should also opt for this program. Custom publishing with Disruption Books offers authors the same high-quality services and products found in our trade program, but does not include market access. Instead of selling the book in the market, custom publishing projects include a fulfillment and distribution solution tailored to the author’s specific goals. Our custom books may be of any length and from any genre, from children’s picture books to cookbooks, or family histories to art collections. Let our team bring your vision to life!